The vision of The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship is to spread the word of God as instructed in the Bible; to see people's lives changed and souls won for the kingdom of heaven. We believe that Christianity is a holistic faith: God is as much concerned about our mind and bodies as he is about our soul; therefore, we also should minister to the whole person. The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship will continue to grow and develop to meet the needs of this current time while keeping true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision


We have a duty to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We meet for times of worship and fellowship for all age groups. We pray for and encourage each other. We provide a Food Bank each Monday to help those in need. We also host monthly coffee mornings – all are welcome.


As a church community at The LLFGF we see ourselves as a family. We are not perfect, but we care for each other. No one survives alone and we realise the importance of a community. It is wonderful to be part of the Family of God which is made up of believers around the world from many walks of life, and denominations.

Our history

The church of God was birthed at the cross over 2000 years ago; it was not based on one man but the foundations laid by the apostles and prophets, with Jesus himself as the cornerstone. In the construction industry the corner stone is extremely important as it is the first stone laid in the foundation and is the stone that determines how the remaining stones will be set. Therefore, if Jesus is our cornerstone then our foundation is sure.

Brother Ewart M. Simpson migrated from Jamaica to England as a member of the universal church of God. He expected to be welcomed into the church community in England but sadly, this was not to be. In the 1960s racism in Britain was overt in all areas of society including the church but his foundation was sure. With encouragement and support, Brother Simpson began leading the prayer group started at home by his dear wife. In 1967, Brother Simpson was ordained Pastor of the group. After being affiliated with a Pentecostal fellowship whose headquarters was in Wales, The Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship was formed in November 1981. The Fellowship is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets and holds true to faith. A timeline of our history is shown below.



The Founders (Brother and Sister Simpson) started a prayer group in their home.


Brother Ewart Simpson ordained Pastor and Brother John Hope Deacon.

The group started renting the Clapham Youth Centre’s building each Sunday.


The first annual convocation is held in August over the bank holiday


The church came under the umbrella of the Church of God Fellowship in Great Britain (Worldwide)


The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship was formed with Pastor Simpson as the Overseer.


Bought our first church building in Landor Road


Evangelist Herma Buttler is ordained Pastor


Evangelist Dwayne Rowe ordained Pastor